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March 21st – 22nd, 2013. Sydney.

˜Panoptic Perspectives is the title of a two-day film event, organized by scholars from institutions in Sydney and Canberra, to be held in venues at University of Sydney and Strathfield, Sydney.

˜The purpose of this event is to offer different perspectives on a phenomenon much discussed in the popular media, but rarely considered beyond the singular, highly politicized and bi-polemic story of good and evil, right and wrong – North Korea.

Through the medium of film, and the discussion by guest speakers that will precede and follow each screening, it is hoped the audience will gain a more nuanced understanding of some of the issues surrounding ‘North Korea’ and the North Korean people.

Over two nights, the following three films will be screened:

The Journals of Musan (2011). Directed by Park Jungbum

A Schoolgirl’s Diary (2007). Directed by Jang In-hak

Yodok Stories (2008). Directed by  Andrzej Fidyk

Each screening is preceded by a short talk introducing the key themes of the film. Each film will also be followed by a questions and answers session for the benefit of the audience.

Guest speakers include Park Jungbum, director of The Journals of Musan


Admission (access per day):  

Strathfield Screenings:  Student $5     Adult $10

USYD Screenings: Free (suggested donations of $5/$10)



Sydney Cheil Church, Strathfield (21 March)

University of Sydney (22 March)


For more information please contact: nkfilmfest@gmail.com

This event is made possible by the kind support of the Toyota Foundation, UTS, the University of Sydney, the Korea Institute ANU, and North Korean Transmigration Supporting Association.


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